Got Those Holiday Blues…: You’re Not Alone

“She was my one true love. We met in high school, full of acne and awful hair styles. Neither of us were college people, so we graduated, got married and started working hard. We never had luxuries, but we had enough. Don’t get me wrong, we fought like cats and dogs, but we always made up. She made such a big deal out of the holidays—food, family and fun. She’s been gone ten years now but I still dread November through New Years. It’s just not the same.” Troy, 86 years old

“He was supposed to be my December baby. I always wanted to be a mother, and this little miracle was my chance. I was overly cautious during my pregnancy, trying to enjoy every minute of it and be as healthy as I possibly could. That morning he stopped moving I rushed to the doctor’s office, but it was too late. He had already died.” Martha, 22 years old

“I know my dad was mean to me. I remember him throwing the turkey across the dining room table and screaming at me. But I still really miss him. I just wish he would come back and my mom could forgive him and we could be together. I know my mom wants me to be happy without him, and I pretend most of the time. But it’s really hard this time of year.” Jonathan, 11 years old

“We have the perfect holidays, you know? Everyone comes to our house. Our food is the best, our gifts are the nicest, and our house looks the most festive. Seriously, people are jealous. But this is the last holiday we’re doing as a family. Come January I’m leaving. I can’t deal with all that perfect anymore.” Bethany, 45 years old

It’s easy to believe that everyone else but you is happy during the holidays. We forget that what we see from the outside looking in isn’t usually the whole story. Take time this holiday season to sit with someone in your life and listen. An honest, heartfelt connection is a welcome antidote to the holiday blues.