Conference Nuggets of Wisdom: Part 3 of 3

Part of my job is obtaining Continuing Education Credits to renew my license and keep a variety of certifications current. The last couple of weeks I started sharing little bits of wisdom and provocative questions from my recent American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy Annual Conference in Indianapolis. This week we will wrap up with a few final thoughts.

The ceiling effect: People are overly positive about how they’re doing. Often you notice this when someone’s voice gets higher and louder.

“If ever a society needed to put itself in the collective couch, it’s us.” Deborah Peterson Small

There is no researched evidence that demonstrates counselors earning Continuing Education Credits improve at their job.

American culture tells us if we’re polite, hard-working and well-dressed we can avoid pain and suffering.

Rupture and repair is a natural relationship process. The goal is to catch the rupture as early as possible, and facilitate a clearly-communicated repair.

What is the view from 30,000 feet? (Moving in-between the micro and macro level, as well as content and process.)

Sports statistics include performance “with” and “without.” How does your workplace, family, and friend circle function with and without you?

“She’s designed who she is, but her real self is starting to get in the way.” Another way to understand self-sabotage.

What if everything that comes across our path is an opportunity to heal our core wounds?

Counselors in California state mental health centers spend more than 50% of their work time on paperwork.

[My son understood] “stereotyping, judging and categorizing people is a loss of an opportunity.”
Judy Shepard

Mentoring is usually not a conscious project; it’s organic.

“The only way out is spiritual, intellectual, and emotional revolution in which, finally, we learn to experience first hand the interloping connections between person and person, organism, action, and consequences.” Gregory Bateson

It can be easy to get stuck in a rut. Take some time this week to try something new!