Conference Nuggets of Wisdom: Part 2 of 3

Part of my job is obtaining Continuing Education Credits to renew my license and keep a variety of certifications current. Many I earn locally but I try to choose one conference every year that is 1) in a different part of the country near friends or family, and 2) offers a new or different counseling perspective to expand my knowledge and network base. Last week I started sharing little bits of wisdom and provocative thoughts from my recent American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy Annual Conference in Indianapolis. This week we continue with a few more.

One research team studied the possibility of the therapist taking a 3 minute break halfway through the session to meditate. They found it resulted in positive feedback from both the therapists and the clients. Then someone in the audience asked, maybe everyone simply enjoyed a break? Perhaps it had nothing to do with meditation? The researcher (sheepishly) agreed that this was a valid point.

“We don’t tolerate people, we tolerate bad hair days.” Judy Shepard

Anxiety, depression and PTSD are the top three diagnoses for completed suicides world-wide. (As a side note, “committed” suicide comes from a historical context where suicide was illegal. Today, we speak of “completed” suicides to separate this painful experience from criminality.)

Are you differentiated enough to stay in a relationship when differences arise?

We all respond more positively to specific compliments instead of general praise. “You’re a great kid” is significantly less effective then “You ran faster this time to get to the ball and make the goal.” This goes for parenting, family members, friends and employees!

“There are two general categories through which we can be morally excused for our behavior: constraint and ignorance.” Aristotle

When we pay attention to the constant feedback occurring around us, we can respond more quickly and create change.

Take some time this week to intentionally widen your sphere of influence and learn something new! Tune in next week for final thoughts from the conference.