Group Psychotherapy Services


Peak to Peak Counseling offers psychotherapy groups tailored to meet specific needs of individuals in our community.

Group session fees vary dependent on the type of group but generally cost less than a 55 minute session. We do not accept insurance, however receipts for out-of-network insurance reimbursement can be provided upon request. Sliding scale is offered on a limited, as-needed basis by our Psychotherapy Interns. A sliding scale is an adjusted fee depending on your individual financial circumstances. Please mention your interest in the sliding scale at your initial consultation or when your financial situation changes.

Community Psychotherapy groups are formed when a certain number of people come together to discuss a specific topic. Sometimes groups are closed (no new people come after the first session); other times they are open (people come and go depending on their needs). Groups can consist of children, teens, adults, individuals, couples, or families depending on the topic and format. Groups can last one to three hours, and occur twice a week to once a month. Groups may be time limited (only 10 sessions) or unlimited (every Tuesday night). Here are some sample topics:

  • Addictions
  • Anger Management
  • Aging
  • Body Image
  • Career
  • Death and Dying
  • Divorce or Separation
  • Finances
  • Foster Care
  • Friendship
  • Grief
  • Mindfulness Techniques
  • Parenting
  • Personal Growth
  • Physical Health
  • Relationships
  • Social Skills
  • Spirituality

If you are looking for a specific group, please give Peak to Peak Counseling a call, send an e-mail, or drop by. Our groups are dictated by the needs of the community and develop out of your ideas.


Peak to Peak Counseling designs mediation services uniquely created to meet the needs of your group.

At times conflicts arise within or between groups. Some examples of groups are: for-profit businesses, non-profit organizations, town government, boards of directors, employees and employer, citizen groups, foundations, schools, parent groups, and small business owners. Peak to Peak Counseling will work with key players in your group to develop a strategy and resolve your conflict quickly and efficiently.

Fees will be determined on an individual basis with all groups involved.

If we can help your group, please give Peak to Peak Counseling a call, send an e-mail, or drop by.

We also offer individual psychotherapy services.